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All Categories > Air Quality & Gas Monitors > CO2 Monitor/Controller AirSense Model 310  

CO2 Monitor/Controller AirSense Model 310

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C02 Monitor/Controller

  • 5 years between re-calibration
  • New lower price
  • 4-20mA or voltage selectable
  • Programmable alarm optional

  • The AirSense model 310 is a non-dispersive infrared analyzer for measuring CO2 concentration in ventilation systems and indoor living spaces. Its measurement range of 0-5000ppm covers the range required to monitor compliance with ASHRAE or other ventilation efficiency standards.
    Packaged in a compact, distinctively styled enclosure, the Model 310 can be discreetly installed anywhere from the board room to the boiler room. Standard center wiring access and fully floating outputs make installation a snap.
    The model 310 provides several output alternatives. A voltage or 4-20mA current output is standard. An optional LCD readout is available. An optional relay contact can be configured to open or close above a user-adjustable setpoint.
    A simple one-point calibration procedure and a built-in calibration port that requires no special fittings or adapters make the Model 310 simple to maintain.

    Displays and Indicators
    The basic Model 310 has a single green LED on the front panel which illuminates whenever the unit is operating. This LED is on steady when the measured concentration is below the high limit, and blinks whenever the concentration is above the limit. The standard factory high limit is 1000ppm, but can be easily adjusted in the field. The display option adds a 4 digit liquid crystal display (LCD) to the front panel. The display shows the measured CO2 concentration in parts per million.

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