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RTD Elements

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Platinum Chip SMD Temperature Sensor

  • -50 to +130 C
  • 100 or 1000 ohm DIN RTD
  • supplied in tape and reel
  • RoHS compliant

    These Pt 100 and Pt1000 SMD temperature sensors now have galvanic tin plated with nickel barrier solder connections.
    Compared with styles using connecting wires the SMD temperature sensor is particularly rugged and intended essentially for automatic insertion in large-scale production.
    Its platinum temperature sensor characteristics including long-term stability. interchangeability without recalibration and excellent reproducibility of electrical properties suit it to many applications.
    It is suitable for surface and environment temperature measurement on circuit boards as well as for temperature ...
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    High Temperature Platinum SMD Sensor

  • -50 up to +250 C
  • 100 or 1000 ohm DIN RTD
  • for automatic insertion
  • supplied in belt packaging

    The high temperature version of our Platinum SMD RTD temperature sensor opens up new applications for this style of sensor.
    Many of these parts will be used in hybrid circuits, however any application requiring a high temperature part as well as mass production, precision, long-term stability and low cost will benefit from this design.
    The contact surfaces are on the side with the active measuring layer – no edge metallising making the sensor designed for face-down mounting, to take into account current trends in the “adhesion instead of soldering” electronics sector.
    Using conductive adhesives ...
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    Thin Film Platinum Temperature Sensor

  • -70 to +500 C
  • 100, 1000 or 10,000 ohm DIN RTD
  • Class A, B or 1/3DIN
  • economy bulk pack

    The PC1.2004 sensors feature long term stability and precision over a wide temperature range. They are used in industrial, food processing and medical applications and because of their economy they are often used in applications requiring large quantities of sensors such as HVAC, automotive and energy generation.

    Temperature coefficient
    TCR = 3850 ppm/°C
    Temperature range
    class B -70°C to +500°C
    class A -30°C to +350°C
    class 1/3B 0°C to +100°C
    Leads Nickel platinum-clad wire
    Specification DIN EN ...
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    Ceramic Wire Wound Platinum RTD Elements

  • -200 to +600 C
  • 100 ohm DIN RTD
  • Class A & 1/10 th DIN stocked
  • Cryogenic applications

    Our PK series ceramic wire wound elements are used primarily in applications above 500C or below minus 50C where thin film elements cannot be used. They are also used when accuracies as high as 1/10th DIN are required. Because of their larger size they have lower self-heating coefficients which can improve accuracy especially with older instrumentation which may have higher measuring currents.
    Ceramic wire wound elements were once the standard RTD element. They have now been largely replaced for moderate temperatures and accuracy requirements by less expensive thin film and SMD element types. We stock both class ...
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