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Temperature Sensors & Transducers

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General Purpose Industrial Temperature Sensor

  • Accurate Platinum RTD
  • Thermocouple calibrations
  • Rugged construction
  • Splashproof

    This is the all purpose model for general heavy duty industrial or commercial temperature measurement.
    It features a large threaded cast aluminum head with gasket. Electrical connections are made through the 3/4" NPT female opening suitable for piping or standard electrical fittings. The standard process connector is 1/2", although 3/4" NPT is available if specified at order time. The standard sheath is 1/4" O.D. stainless steel and other sizes are available to special order. The sheath length must be specified at order time.
    The standard assembly is rated for measuring temperatures up to 200C. 400C and 600C versions are available to special order. We use a thin film RTD sensor to DIN 43 760 or IEC 751 or wire wound if requested.
    Thermocouple versions cover temperature ranges to even higher values. We offer standard thermocouple versions of J, K, T and E with others available.
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    Oil-Seal Temperature Sensor

  • Fast response spring loading
  • Process oil sealing
  • Flexible design to suit application

    Our oil-sealed model has been designed specifically to monitor bearing temperatures. An integral oil-seal prevents leakage. The spring loaded sheath ensures rapid heat transfer to the sensor.
    A large threaded cast aluminum head with O-ring gasket is standard. Electrical connections are made through the 3/4" NPT female opening suitable for piping or standard electrical fittings.

    By using different bushings, nipples, sheath lengths and sensing elements this oil seal temperature sensor can be configured to meet most bearing temperature applications.
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    Isolated Programmable Hockey Puck Transmitter

  • Electrically isolated
  • Any RTD or thermocouple
  • Program on your PC
  • 4-20 or 20-4mA output

    This is the one transmitter you need to stock for all your maintenance needs. Using your PC and the available software simply program this transmitter for any one of 7 RTD or 13 thermocouple types or customize the calibration linearization at up to 40 points to fit none standard transmitter outputs.
    The output signal can be inverted and can be programmed to be linear with temperature or linear with resistance or mV input.
    Features include a 7mm central hole for easy spring loading of 1/4" tube, insulating barriers between terminals to prevent shorts and a captive cover on programming pins to keep them clean.
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    Temperature Transducers

  • 2 wire 4...20mA connection
  • Wide operating range
  • Low price
  • 0.5% accuracy

    The TT-R-100 is used to convert a platinum RTD temperature sensor to a 4-20 mA signal to interface with your energy management panel. The output is proportional over a selected span.
    The resistance change of the RTD passes through a bridge to the amplifier and is converted to a proportional d.c. current in the output stage. The output current is controlled through a feedback circuit and thereby becomes independent of load. A diode protects against reverse polarity. This technology is field proven and has been capable of withstanding rigorous environmental chamber testing while retaining linearity without damage.
    This ...
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    Space Air Temperature Sensors

  • High ventilation design
  • Convenient 2 part construction
  • Fire retardant ABS housing

    High Ventilation Executive Case has ventilation slots 50% larger than some competitors allowing more air to flow past the sensor providing faster response and more accurate readings.
    Our new two piece construction is more convenient to install than the older three piece construction still used by some suppliers. Our ABS plastic mouldings is fire retardant. We mount the sensing element and a "Phoenix" terminal strip securely on a circuit board.
    Versatile Case has room for two circuit boards. This is the choice to make when you need to measure both temperature and humidity at one location. The 4-5/8"L x ...
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    Duct Air Temperature Sensors

  • Platinum RTD or Thermistor
  • Rugged Construction
  • Hinged cover case

    We have engineered our duct probe to ensure long life, rapid response and to prevent heat loss from leaks. The sensor is mounted using PC board technology to eliminate strain on the sensor leads, increasing reliability. The standard version is intended for use in non-condensing atmospheres. For applications where condensation is likely to be present ask for our moisture proof version. Our moulded case with hinged cover is easy to install. The cover is fastened with one captive screw. Provision is made for a front identification tag. The back is completely smooth so it fits flush against the mounting surface. Circuit board slots inside are ...
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    Immersion Temperature Sensors

  • Spring Loaded
  • Moisture sealed
  • Hinged cover case
  • Platinum RTD or Thermistor

    This probe is used to measure the temperature of fluids or gases in pipes. We spring load these probes to provide a good thermal contact with the base of the mating thermowell ensuring fast and accurate measurements. The temperature sensor which is PC board mounted for better reliability is potted in heat transfer compound for rapid response and vibration protection. Our moulded case with hinged cover is easy to install. It is designed to accept a 2-wire transmitter.
    Matched Pairs: On request 1/3 DIN RTD’s provide 1/10th deg C accuracy for energy consumption calculations.

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    Pipe Sensor with LED Readout

  • Bright display in F or C
  • Only one well for display & DDC
  • Thermistor, RTD or transmitter
  • Easy mounting

    The LED option adds a high intensity red LED digital indicator to our pipe sensor for displaying local temperatures. This can be very useful in retrofit work when glass thermometer wells are re-used for HVAC sensors. Previously it was either expensive or impractical to shut down a section of the physical plant while a an extra well was welded in.
    Now we have combined two sensors in the same sheath one connected to the indicator and one thermistor or RTD of your choice to connect to the control panel. An RTD can optionally be connected to a 4-20mA transmitter located in the same housing. ...
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    Flex-Cable Probe

  • Platinum RTD or Thermistor
  • Conforms to any duct size
  • Very easy to install
  • totally flexible

    Our probe is constructed using CSA rated FT6 plenum cable. Numerous sensors are encapsulated in 316 s/s sheaths at equal distances along the length of the cable. The complete assembly acts as a single temperature sensor and any temperature change is averaged across the sensors. The probe can easily be strung to fit any size duct.
    For lengths up to 12 feet or for most economical applications, we average the readings of four encapsulated sensors. For 24 foot probes and more demanding applications, we use nine sensors spaced along the length of the cable.
    Our moulded case with hinged cover is easy to ...
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    Outdoor Air Temperature Sensor

  • Platinum RTD or Thermistor
  • Rugged Construction
  • Low Cost

    Our outdoor air temperature sensors contain a rugged RTD or thermistor sensor for high accuracy and long term stability for temperatures between -50C to +80C or a thermistor for ease of connection to certain control systems. This assembly's construction consists of a waterproof seal, a weather resistant shield and non-corrosive material to withstand all weather conditions. The cover of the sensor rejects solar heat for more accurate temperature measurements. The sensor has a 1/2" NPT female thread for conduit mounting or clamp-on installation.

    Platinum RTD's are the most stable temperature sensors between -50 ...
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    Plate Temperature Sensor

  • Platinum RTD or Thermistor
  • Rugged Construction
  • Low Cost

    Our plate air temperature sensors are ideal for public or high traffic areas where a conventional space sensor could be easily damaged. The flush mounting eliminates accidental damage from knocks by machinery or people. The plain cover makes it unattractive to vandals since its function is not obvious. The stainless steel face reflects radiant heat while the sensor mounted in contact with the back of the plate provides fast, accurate space temperature readings. An adhesive foam backing secures the sensor to the plate and provides some insulation from temperatures inside the mounting wall. If mounting this sensor on an outside wall or one with a ...
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    Flue Gas Temperature Sensors

  • Two wire 4-20mA connection
  • Rugged design
  • 0.5% accuracy

    Sensor selection:
    Thermistors will not withstand the high flue gas temperatures and cannot be used.
    RTD’s are the most stable and accurate sensors up to 400C and are normally selected for this range.
    Thermocouples are extremely rugged and durable at high temperatures and are the best choice for measurements from 400C to 1200C.
    We TIG weld the thermocouple junction to the tip of the sheath in order to ensure the fastest possible response time.
    We add 2-wire 4-20mA transmitters if your panel will not accept RTD's or thermocouples directly.

    Our flue gas ...
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    Strap-on Temperature Sensors

  • Platinum RTD or thermistor
  • Rugged Construction
  • 0.1, 0.2 or 0.3C accuracy

    We have engineered our strap-on sensors to ensure long life and rapid response. The sensor is mounted using PC board technology to eliminate strain on the sensor leads, increasing reliability. This assembly is potted in heat transfer compound to provide rapid response and cushion the sensor from vibration. The eight foot PVC lead wire makes it convenient to connect to a nearby utility box.

    Platinum RTD's are the most stable temperature sensors between -50 and 400C. They show almost no calibration drift with time. Their stability, wide temperature range and almost linear output make them ...
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    Brass Plate Temperature Sensor

  • Fast pipe temperatures
  • No thermowell required
  • Rugged armoured leads

    When you need to measure the temperature of a pipe’s contents and no thermowell is available this is the solution. Simply add a little heat transfer paste to the smooth side of the brass plate and fasten the assembly to the pipe with a hose clamp. The 9 thou thick brass shim stock plate conforms readily to even small diameter pipes. Then cover the whole assembly with insulation, running the lead wire to a nearby junction box.
    The brass plate will provide excellent heat transfer from the pipe to the sensor sheath which we silver solder to the plate. The 3/16" OD sheath is smaller than our normal strap on sensor to promote rapid heat ...
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    Soil Temperature Sensor

  • Moisture Sealed
  • Designed for Greenhouses
  • Platinum RTD or Thermistor

    We have engineered our greenhouse soil temperature probe to ensure long life, rapid response and to seal against moisture.
    The sensor is mounted using PC board technology to eliminate strain on the sensor leads, increasing reliability. This assembly is potted in heat transfer compound to provide rapid response and protection from vibration. The cover of our moulded case is gasketed to eliminate moisture problems. The stainless steel sensing probe is sealed by an O-ring where it joins the case.
    The lead wires are attached to a terminal strip inside the case and exit the case through a moisture sealing strain relief fitting. Should ...
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    Smokehouse Temperature Sensors

  • Platinum RTD's or thermocouples
  • Rugged sealed construction
  • Good prices and fast delivery

    We have continually refined the design of our smokehouse insertion or core temperature and wet/dry probes with the help of smokehouse operators and installers.
    The stainless probe is threaded and sealed into the Teflon handle for ruggedness and moisture sealing. The stainless steel spring reduces wear on the lead wire as it exits the handle.
    The 316 stainless steel sheath and white Teflon handle and connection cable are ideal for food service.
    Since intermediate connections between the sensing element and the temperature recorder or controller can be a major cause of failure we build our probes with ...
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  • Brass or Stainless Steel
  • Stocked for fast delivery
  • Low Cost

    Thermowells are recommended to protect both the operator and the temperature sensor. The proper thermowell will reduce the possibility of damage to the temperature sensor due to corrosion, pressure or the flow of abrasive or viscous media. In addition a defective instrument may be removed without shutting down or draining the process.
    These stock wells have 1/2" process & instrument connections with a 0.260" bore. Wells with other dimensions and materials are readily available on order. We manufacture our thermowells for the energy management industry in large quantities on high speed NC machines. This allows us to offer these wells at ...
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    RTD Elements

    We stock a wide range of thin film, SMD and wire wound elements covering temperature ranges from
    -200 to 800C.

    Temperature Sensor Wire

    We stock a large variety of wire suitable for manufacturing and extending the leads of thermocouples and RTD’s. Examples of our most popular types follow. Please ask us for the type that you require if it is not shown.
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