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Outdoor Humidity Transmitters - Hygrometers

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  • Operates from -60 to +70ºC
  • Two percent accuracy
  • Long Term Reliability

  • These humidity transmitters are the type used on unattended remote weather stations across Canada. Even in arctic conditions they perform accurately and without problem. In energy management projects with hundreds of points it is normal to have only one outdoor humidity sensor. If that sensor is not accurate then energy costs may rise and building comfort may suffer. The trouble free, accurate, service year after year of these transmitters can quickly justify their higher cost.

    Specially prepared human hair is used as a sensor. These hairs are specially treated to make them react quickly to changes in humidity. The individual hairs which combine to make the measuring element lengthen when the humidity increases and contract when the humidity decreases. The change in length is transferred to the rotary axis of a potentiometer. This technique for humidity measurement has been successfully used for many years but still provides today the most accurate, stable measurement of humidity at a reasonable cost. Solid state humidity sensors, although cheaper do not offer the long term stability or the low temperature capabilities of this transmitter.

    In energy management applications this transmitter is normally mounted in a make-up air plenum just inside the monitored building. This protects it from snow, ice and rain while still providing monitoring of outside conditions. If this is not possible an outdoor weather shield or weather hut are available.
    Our TT-R-100 transmitter can be externally added for 4-20mA output if required.

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    Calibration Range

    Base Price

    Model 1.1000.50.515 0-200 ohms output, with cable 0 to 200 ohms linear +/- 2% rH, +/- 0.3ºC 0 - 100% rH $1,690.00
    Model 1.1000.50.015 0-200 ohms output, with plug 4-20mA in 2-wire technology for rH +/- 2% rH, +/- 0.3ºC 0 - 100% rH $1,860.00
    Model 1.1005.50.515 0-200 ohms rH + Pt100 with cable 0 to 200 ohms linear +/- 2% rH, +/- 0.3ºC 0 - 100% rH $1,860.00
    Model 1.1005.50.015 0-200 ohms rH + Pt100 with plug 4-20mA in 2-wire technology for rH +/- 2% rH, +/- 0.3ºC 0 - 100% rH $2,035.00
      Results 1 - 4 of 4 1 
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