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Ceramic Wire Wound Platinum RTD Elements

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  • -200 to +600 C
  • 100 ohm DIN RTD
  • Class A & 1/10 th DIN stocked
  • Cryogenic applications

    Our PK series ceramic wire wound elements are used primarily in applications above 500C or below minus 50C where thin film elements cannot be used. They are also used when accuracies as high as 1/10th DIN are required. Because of their larger size they have lower self-heating coefficients which can improve accuracy especially with older instrumentation which may have higher measuring currents.
    Ceramic wire wound elements were once the standard RTD element. They have now been largely replaced for moderate temperatures and accuracy requirements by less expensive thin film and SMD element types. We stock both class A and 1/10th DIN ceramic wire wound elements for applications requiring this design.

    Temperature coefficient TCR = 3850 ppm/°C
    Temperature range -200°C to +600°C
    Leads Platinum-gold alloy wire
    Specification DIN EN 60751(according to IEC 751)
    PK2630: 30mm long x 2.6mm diameter, Leads 10mm
    PK1515: 15mm long x 1.5mm diameter, Leads 10mm
    Long-term stability
    extremely high level of temperature stability
    Insulation resistance > 10 M? at 20°C; > 1 M? at 500°C
    Shock resistance
    high temperature shock resistance
    Self-heat coefficient in air 0.04°C / mW at 0°C
    Response times in seconds
    water @ 0.4 m/s t50% 0.3s t90% 0.6s
    air @ 1 m/s t50% 11.0s t90% 36.0s
    Ambient conditions
    Use unprotected only in dry environments
    Packaging Individual
    Measuring current 1 mA maximum

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    PK1.2630.1-A 100 ohm class A, single $21.73
    PK2.2630.1-A 100 ohm class A, duplex $29.81
    PK1.1515.1-1/10 100 ohm class 1/10, single $40.00
    PK1.1508.1-A 1.5 x 8mm class A $14.60
    PK1.1515.1-1/3 1.5 x 15mm 1/3 DIN $21.43
    PK1.1515.1-392 1.5 x 15 mm ISA curve $21.43
      Results 1 - 6 of 6 1 
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