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High Temperature Platinum SMD Sensor

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  • -50 up to +250 C
  • 100 or 1000 ohm DIN RTD
  • for automatic insertion
  • supplied in belt packaging

    The high temperature version of our Platinum SMD RTD temperature sensor opens up new applications for this style of sensor.
    Many of these parts will be used in hybrid circuits, however any application requiring a high temperature part as well as mass production, precision, long-term stability and low cost will benefit from this design.
    The contact surfaces are on the side with the active measuring layer – no edge metallising making the sensor designed for face-down mounting, to take into account current trends in the “adhesion instead of soldering” electronics sector.
    Using conductive adhesives provides reliable and cost-effective connection technology, an alternative to the conventional application techniques, such as reflow or wave soldering. An important advantage for users is that the ceramic substrate material of the sensor shows a similar thermal expansion to that of the hybrid circuit.

    Tolerance Class B (0.3 + 0.005 *tabs) C, alpha = 0.385 ohms / C
    Temperature range
    -50°C to +170°C, for adhesion mounting on a ceramic hybrid
    -50°C to +150°C, for reflow soldering on expansion-adapted PCB material.
    (By coordinating materials, design and connection technology, applications are possible up to +250°C)
    Contact AgPd metallising in thick-film technology min. 17.5 %Pd
    Self-heat coefficient in air 0.7 degC / mW
    Response times in seconds
    water @ 0.4 m/s, t50% 0.1s, t90% 0.2s
    air @ 1 m/s, t50% 2.5s, t90% 8.0s
    Ambient conditions Use unprotected only in dry environments
    Processing Mounting using SMD insertion machines with Ag conductive adhesive is recommended. When mounting PCB circuits, the expansion relationship of the sensor and the substrate material must be taken into account. Storage life Stored in a nitrogen atmosphere, min. 9 months
    Packaging “Face-down” in blister reel, 4000 pcs / reel
    Measured current 0.1 to max. 0.3 mA
    Insulation resistance > 10 M? at 20°C; > 1 M? at 170°C (glass cover)
    Long-term stability R0 drift less than or equal to 0.06 % after 1000 h at 170°C
    Specification DIN EN 60751

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    PCS 1.0805.1HT 100 ohm class B, 805 format
    PCS 1.0805.10HT 1000 ohm class B, 805 format
    PCS 1.1206.1HT 100 ohm class B, 1206 format
    PCS 1.1206.10HT 1000 ohm class B, 1206 format
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